Saturday, January 28, 2012

Full of Joy

Meet Pedro. They call him Pedrito (little Pedro). He is 5. I met him yesterday. He is the most adorable little boy and I fell in love with him just after spending a few minutes with him. He has cerebral palsy. He can't stand up straight or walk. He has a wheelchair and a vertical wheelchair that helps him stand up straight. He got it in December of last year. He loves to drive it all around. He can't speak much but when he was excited or happy he claps or slaps his hand. He was pre-maturely born at 6 months along with his twin brother. Sadly, his twin brother passed away 72 hours after being born.

Despite all of the things in his life that we would say are terrible, he has so much joy! He would just smile and look at me and clap. Just watching him drive his vertical wheelchair around was amazing! And his joy was contagious. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was with him. I could also see the joy in his parents as they watched him drive around and interact. I want joy like them! But I must admit that I don't think I would have such joy if I was in the same situation. I just watched in awe at all the joy that God has given Pedro. He can stand up and move around in his vertical wheelchair. God has blessed him so much and I think he knows that.

I know that God has blessed me beyond measures and yet there are times when I don't have the joy that Pedro has or when I feel like I don't have any joy at all. Meeting Pedro made me realize that I should be joyful and praise the Lord for everything. So this is my prayer and I hope it's your prayer too. 

Lord, Help me to have joy like Pedro. Help me to be grateful for everything that you have blessed me with. Help me not to take your blessings for granted. I want to be clapping with happiness all the time because of You. Only you can provide such joy. No matter what situation I am in I pray that you will still let me be joyful knowing that you are with me. I am in awe of you Lord and I want to praise you will all of my life. Amen.

I thank the Lord so much for the opportunity to meet Pedro and share in his joy.

"When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy." 
-Psalm 94:14-


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